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Receive timely, personalized, and professional care for overcoming addiction and starting on the path to recovery.

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Faith Drug & Alcohol Deaddiction Center Gadakana, Bhubaneswar, Khurdha

  • 1. I myself agreed giving my consent to treatment package of de addiction.
  • 2. I state that I have been fully explained about the treatment package by the center.
  • 3. I Promise that I shall abide the treatment package during my stay and will maintain after leaving center. In case of failure the center shall not be held responsible.
  • 4. Trying for self injury / Creating ill event to damage center property. Trying to escape from center.
  • 5. Trying to commit suicide.
  • 6. Creating unusual events or encouraging such type of work during admission will be held as a offence.
  • 7. Promote negative environment marking large issue of small and silly incidence, look for self interest pertains mental disorder and creating situation for HIV / AIDS.
  • 8. Inmates are to keep the center in house surrounding clean, help in house hold works of center as its part of treatment plan.
  • 9. Center work schedule with timing to be adhered by the inmates.
  • 10. Discipline to be maintained at any cost.
  • 11. Center management can change any policy / Guideline as and when it need for the betterment of functioning of center.
  • 12. I understand the above rules and regulation and agreed to obey the rules of the center. I Shall take the maximum benefit of treatment plan for my betterment.
  • 13. That before entering In to the institution, any cause of injury in future found in the institution will not be liable for the same.