De-Addiction Treatment

De-Addiction Treatment at Faith De Addiction Center in Bhubaneswar

Drug or alcohol consumption is very common, particularly in India. It has become an addiction for many people; sadly, it has become a need for some. Its toxicity and harmfulness are well-known: young and old, male and female, are all susceptible to its devastating effects. At The Faith De Addiction Centre we offer De Addiction Treatment for those who feel they need help. Don't hesitate to contact us today.

People know that drugs and alcohol can be fatal. This dependency leads to myriad health problems, which is why rehab is required to rid oneself of it. To provide a better life to those affected, we are the top de-addiction centre in Bhubaneswar - recognised across odisha- offering treatment for substance addiction. Our facilities fare well in treating addiction due to our adept professionals with years of expertise. We not only offer personalised counselling and care, but also have experts administering therapies and drugs for recovery so as to resume everyday life.

Faith de addiction centre is the top provider of drug and alcohol de addiction treatment in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Our expertly-staffed rehab centre offers extensive medical and psychological resources to meet our clients' various needs, for short or long-term treatment. We provide several techniques, tailored to each individual's unique requirements based on the level of their addiction.

In our Photo Gallery, you can see examples of the positive and warm infrastructure provided by Faith de addiction center.

Our de-addiction center also works around creating awareness in various programs organized by governments, schools, colleges, and wherever possible to show the way out of addiction.

Additionally, our rehabilitation center also entertains the patients with some co-curricular activities to keep them engaged and focus on the good stuff. This creates a friendly environment at the facility.

As a family, Faith de addiction center works for the well being of its clients.

Hence, our Drug De-Addiction Centre is the most trusted rehab center in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer treatment for co-occurring conditions, including drug and alcohol abuse combined with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. At admission, medical and clinical staff will conduct a screening in order to determine if the client should be evaluated in a program focusing on dual diagnosis. Commonly arising from the combination of addictions and mental health issues, many clients will have more than one issue to be addressed. Our multidisciplinary team is able to provide effective care through our dual diagnosis program.

At our center, we value your privacy. All communication must be approved by you in writing.

You do not have to be intimidated by traveling to an unfamiliar place for recovery. Faith De-Addiction Center Bhubaneswar Odisha currently offers a pickup service. To ensure a safe arrival and departure from any of our facilities, our staff can assist with the coordination of travel arrangements.

Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar Odisha may be able to provide you with holistic therapy if you are interested in drug rehab. We believe spirituality is an integral part of the recovery process. Yoga, meditation, and mindful meditation therapies are also available.