Frequently Asked Questions

In most addiction treatment facilities, private health insurance companies will cover your treatment, but the details of your policy will determine your coverage. Using this insurance form, you can find out if Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar Odisha facilities may be able to cover your medical expenses.

It is often vital for long-term recovery to have a family involved in addiction treatment. Having a support network provides many benefits for addiction recovery. In most rehab centers, you can communicate with your therapist about visitation arrangements. Family therapy sessions allow you to participate in counseling with your family members.

Pack all the things the patients will need. Nothing special, but clothing should be seasonally appropriate. Check with the intake staff to make sure you packed the appropriate items.

It is important to prioritize your overall health when seeking addiction treatment, regardless of how meaningful your jobs and careers are. The Administration team will provide you with the necessary documents that you can submit to the employer. Most employers offer family medical leave options.

In rehab, you may wonder if you can have a cell phone if it seems like it will be lonely. You're not allowed to use a personal computer or cell phone during treatment. However, the Administration team will coordinate the use of electronic equipment if necessary during your treatment stay.

Initially, it's difficult to completely abstain from drugs and alcohol during addiction treatment. While some rehab centers allow clients to bring sealed tobacco products to rehab, we maintain a total abstinence policy. Many facilities also offer smoking cessation therapy and products at all levels of treatment.

You won't need a credit or debit card during rehab, depending on the addiction treatment facility you choose and the level of care you're in. All items will be returned to the family. If you need any additional items, please let us know. Or we can provide them if the family is willing to pay.

Each day in treatment can vary, depending on the level of care and rehab center you choose. Generally, there will be certain wake-up and sleep times with medical programming, group therapy, individual counseling, and Psycho-educational Sessions distributed throughout the day. When creating your individual program of care, providers take into account what is most likely to benefit you. They aim to make activities, groups and sessions productive, engaging, stimulating and informative to support development and promote deeper understanding among those participating.

Upon arrival, your treatment provider will review all of your current medications. If necessary, medications may be continued. Rehab centers typically do not allow narcotics, opened pills or vitamin bottles, or medications containing alcohol to be taken on-site.

The Faith De-Addiction center in Bhubaneswar treats drug and alcohol addictions, including addictions to opioids, alcohol, stimulants, marijuana, and other prescription drugs. In addition to treating substance addictions, we also treat co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety and depression at New Life Care Foundation.

ADA-compliant facilities are available at the Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar.

We offer treatment for co-occurring conditions, including drug and alcohol abuse combined with depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. At admission, medical and clinical staff will conduct a screening in order to determine if the client should be evaluated in a program focusing on dual diagnosis. Commonly arising from the combination of addictions and mental health issues, many clients will have more than one issue to be addressed. Our multidisciplinary team is able to provide effective care through our dual diagnosis program.

At our center, we value your privacy. All communication must be approved by you in writing.

You do not have to be intimidated by traveling to an unfamiliar place for recovery. Faith De-Addiction Center Bhubaneswar Odisha currently offers a pickup service. To ensure a safe arrival and departure from any of our facilities, our staff can assist with the coordination of travel arrangements.

The Faith de addiction centre offers a continuum of treatment programs that can be tailored to each client's specific needs. We offer:

  • 1. Detoxification medically
  • 2. Care provided in an inpatient setting
  • 3. Rehabilitation of residential properties
  • 4. Programs for partial hospitalization
  • 5. Programs for intensive outpatient care
  • 6. Providing outpatient care
  • 7. Planning for aftercare
  • 8. Support for sober living

Depending on which treatment facility you choose, accommodations may vary. However, most of our facilities provide comfortable rooms with bathrooms. In residential rehab facilities, living spaces promote rest and comfort.

In addition to an outdoor pool and exercise equipment, we provide yoga and other wellness activities to our clients. Additionally, we have a volleyball court and outdoor courtyards. Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar odishaoffers a variety of recreational activities including gyms, yoga, and volleyball courts.

Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar Odisha may be able to provide you with holistic therapy if you are interested in drug rehab. We believe spirituality is an integral part of the recovery process. Yoga, meditation, and mindful meditation therapies are also available.

A physician is typically available at Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar Odisha every day. The frequency with which you see a doctor depends on your treatment plan as well as the level of care you are receiving. Doctor visits may be more frequent in intensive care such as detox and inpatient. At lower levels of care, doctor visits may be less frequent. You can however see the doctor once a week if you experience some medical problems. RMO is available on site 24/7

Depending on the level of care and the rehabilitation goals of each client, a therapeutic activity schedule will be developed. A client's therapist's frequency of visits depends on their treatment plan. During their treatment stay, clients can also expect individual and family therapy sessions throughout the week.

Depending on the level of care and the rehabilitation goals of each client, a therapeutic activity schedule will be developed. During their treatment stay, clients can expect individual and family therapy sessions throughout the week. The frequency of therapy sessions varies depending on the treatment plan.

Each client at Faith De-Addiction Center Bhubaneswar Odisha will develop an individualized treatment plan with their therapist. All individualized treatment plans are coordinated by the multidisciplinary treatment team.

To promote long-term recovery, Faith De-Addiction center Bhubaneswar Odisha treats the underlying causes of addiction as well as the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction. Our full-service rehab center provides a continuum of treatment programs for drug addiction and mental health disorders that co-occur. At our centers, we strive to provide the highest quality of care to anyone who wants to recover from addiction.